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Method TV (feat. Monster) reporting from and Halldor’s diarrhea. Crazynesss


1970’s Surfers.

Check out 70’s Surf Photography by Jeff Divine. Today he is the photo editor at Surfer’s Journal, one of the leading surf magazines. Surfer’s Journal is  supported solely by its readers and sponsors. It delivers an in-depth view of surfing; more on the history, lifestyle, art and culture, ideas, equipment, personalities, travels, photography, generally coming from a purist point of view!

Crack and Shine International

Crack and Shine” is London’s First graffiti book. A book about a contemporary world-wide extended phenomenon to be viewed as a research document of the graffiti culture and most importantly, graffiti as an art.

“I don’t destroy, I just add”

Positive Posters

We are all a part of the same thing-by Dominique Falla

Dream Wave

On search for the worlds secret surf-spots, the team from Rip Curl came across this “Dreamlike” wave. They did not find this wave on a coastline or island shore, but on a remote jungle river that gets pounded by a powerful tidal bore in Indonesia! Check out one of the most incredible search discoveries in history!

(Video Available at Adventure Journal)

Skateistan: To Live and Skate Kabul.

An amazing film-short from on the power of skateboarding and the way it can transform peoples lives. Push promotes all board-sports due to their power to motivate people to get out and get living. By pushing one another, together we are promoting positive, productive lifestyles.

Push the Positive.

(Directed & Produced by Orlando Von Einsiedel.)

Bez Shreddin Payne

Colorful shred-it coming from our amigos over at


A Film dedicated to wakeskating dedicated to filming

Cold War Kids on From The Basement

Peep this video of Cold War Kids on From The Basement.

 “From the Basement” is an artist friendly music show that brings you in-studio performances right to your screen.  Treat your ears to live and recorded webcasts, all in HD! An array of various artists such as Radiohead, Cold War Kids, Fleet Foxes and more, deliver a personable and candid listening experience for you to enjoy. 



September 11, 2001

One of the most memorable days in our lives. Remembering today and always, those who died for our country and those who fight and serve everyday. We may have been wounded but our spirit never broken. Remember forever, united together. God Bless America. 

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