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Check out this great idea for a a project. The Brighter Day Project was developed as a way to bring a bit of unexpected happiness to passersby. The signage is designed with very simple messages as reminders to “Enjoy Everyday”, that “You’re Awesome!”, or that “You’re doing a great job!”. Because everyone could use a little encouragement.

Be happy and think positive


Marcutio & Young Heavy Souls take on Hollywood

Young Heavy Souls and Marcutio head to Hollywood to record with rapper Black Mic. Watch their adventures through LA and Burbank and even some footage of the Occupy Movement in L.A.

Change the way we think about food: WWF

Here is a very well done animation by the World Wildlife Fund.

Change the way we think about food…change the way we think about everything.

The Art of Sk8

Check out these sick engraved Sk8boards from the Montreal based  design crew, 123Klan!
 Cruise through more creative and inspirational posts at KoiKoiKoi

Humanoid Wake Webisode 2: Feed the Machine.

Peep the newest edit from Producer John Ledford, of All Day Films. The newest webisode in the series for Humanoid Wake!

A Wave a Day

As you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but why not spread the word everyday of the year? Thats what surfer Sarah Hughen is doing.  How easy is it? Grab your board, some friends, paddle out, catch a wave, smile and do it all again the next day. Repeat each day for the entire year!

Check out A Wave A Day and support a great cause!

Follow their progress, check out the official FB Fan Page too!


Check out this video game invasion from the crew at Knife Show Inc.  Watch riders Scott Stevens, Micah Hollinger, Chris Beresford, Tim Eddy, Ben Bogart, and Casey Wrightsman as they live life like it’s one big game!

A World of Type.

In the world of Graphic Design, type brings to life any word. Check out this humorous and ironic trailer for a book called “Word as Image” by artist Ji Lee.

Neon Surf

Here’s one way to catch a wave…Watch in as this guy tears it up with a fully illuminated custom surfboard.


“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.”

Push pays tribute to one of the most influential and motivated visionaries of our time. Not only did Steve Jobs contribute to the computers and music industries, but he made a remarkable impact on the revolution and progression of the design and digital film/photography industries.

Check out this re-imagined logo by self-described Graphic Designer, Johnathan Mak 19.

Read more on the inspirational life of Steve Jobs 1955-2011


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